From the moment you enter into Ruamm Spa, you are taking the first step towards a unique experience of serenity and happiness which will make you forget all your worries and everyday stresses of life. Ruamm Spa is the ideal place to peel off layers of daily stress from your body and mind, and to discover a new, energetic you.

Ruamm Spa offers you relaxing spa therapies with all its authenticity, intricacies and wisdom. Whether it is the world famous, age-old Thai massages and traditional therapies, reflexology, or aromatherapy and body treatments, body wraps and scrubs, Ruamm Spa has a package specifically designed for all your revitalizing needs.

It is not just only our products, all locally sourced, and our services, but also the ambience and atmosphere of Ruamm Spa that have been meticulously planned and developed to enable you to relax from the moment you arrive. At Ruamm Spa, you will be taken care of by our well-qualified therapists, all chosen and trained by Sumet to give you an unforgettable spa experience, whether you choose the age-old Thai massage and reflexology therapies, or the more western style aromatherapies and scrubs.

At Ruamm Spa, we envisage a world where our customers will be able to successfully overcome the effects of modern-day mental and physical stress, relax and revive their energies, and most importantly, feel happy and satisfied, and wanting to return. We want our customers to experience a feeling of well-being that lasts.

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Ruamm's Philosophy

Ruamm offers an unrivalled spa experience for all. Inspired by holistic wellness and inner beauty, all our treatments focus on the balance of mind, body and spirit with a fusion of eastern and western treatments. Thai wisdom and tradition blend together in the art of finding equilibrium - inner spiritual and physical well-being. Traditional Thai massage is the greatest exponent of this philosophy of peace, tranquility and harmony developed throughout Thailand. It is an ancient system of healing with its roots in yoga, Ayurvedic medicine and Buddhist spiritual practice.

Traditional Thai massage is a blend of deep tissue massage using pressure points and stretching techniques. It releases tension, improves blood circulation and increases vitality and muscle flexibility and creates a wholeness of the mind body and spirit. Each of the oils used in the oil massage has a specific purpose and you can choose the oil to reflect your mood. The exotic scrubs bestow a healing and pleasant effect on your skin. A journey of total relaxation is experienced with an exfoliating, hydrating and refreshing action to restore suppleness and hydration to the skin. The scents of the oils and the tropical flowers which abound in Ruamm Spa are perfectly complemented by soft, traditional Thai music and the natural sounds of the jungle and the sea. one of the most ancient forms of therapy, massage is a powerful antidote to stress, soothing the mind and body and leaving you with an overall sense of well-being. Each treatment is designed to bring balance and harmony to the body, ensuring that the customer feels revitalised and refreshed.